My Boyfriend Merlin as a Role Playing Game (RPG)

My Avatar Merlin

I originally wrote this article for the wonderful blog Mother, Gamer, Writer. Check out the blog for an awesome review of My Boyfriend Merlin. I thought I’d share the rest of the article here because it was such fun to write:

When I saw I was going to get to be on Mother, Gamer, Writer, I had to write an RPG post. One of my characters (Vane) is an avid gamer and he insisted!

An excerpt from My Boyfriend Merlin:

I gaped at him. “What are you doing?”

“Passing the time.” (Vane) scrolled through the game’s menu. It looked to be another sword and sorcery fantasy RPG.

“Are you crazy?” I said. “This is the night before the biggest final exam of our lives. Shouldn’t you be giving me some last minute advice or training or something?”

“Would you listen?”

“Probably not.”

Game on! So, to have a little fun, what would My Boyfriend Merlin be as an RPG?
The Quest: To pull the sword from the stone and gain the ultimate weapon to save humanity on the Day of Reckoning.
Choose your avatar: One of the Candidates (humans and wizards with the ability to pull the sword from the stone).

Arriane, aka Ryan our nice girl protagonist. Special skill: History trivia extraordinaire (fairly useless skill or is it?)

Grey, her brother. Special skill: Gifted athlete, swords, and lances

Gia, the best friend. Special skill: street-smart witch

Blake, the wizard. Special skill: magic

Mark, the brute Candidate. Special skill: street fighting wizard

The Guide: Merlin, aka, Matt. All-seeing O-wise-one (at least, he thinks he is)

The Gatekeeper: Vane, Merlin’s brother. Trainer and keeper of weapons (thinks he’s the Lord of Hyrule) Get past him and you’re ready to take on the sword.

The bad guys: Gargoyles. They won’t hesitate to kill any Candidate. Special Powers: super-strength and limited magic.

The Final Level: Only those who acquire enough training/weapons/magic will get past the last obstacle—the sword’s trial.

And that’s my take on the RPG of My Boyfriend Merlin. Hope you enjoyed it!

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