iPads and digital textbooks in Classrooms? No, duh!

Excited about Apple’s new announcement. Glad to see the future is getting closer! Apple Announcement: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/technology/2012/01/apple-announcement-ibooks-2-ibooks-author-for-digital-textbooks/

Apple iBooks

Digital Textbooks in Classroom

I thought I was cutting edge when I wrote this excerpt from My Boyfriend Merlin (Back in 2010…so long ago. Life moves fast.):

Marilynn…passed out black cases to everyone. I opened mine to find an iPad inside. Several candidates whistled. Despite my agitated state, it impressed me too. Maybe wizard school wasn’t going to be as lame as I had thought.

“All of your schedules and assignments will be done on these,” Marilynn explained. “The whole school is on these. We’ve had them for awhile now.”


Outside the clock tower chimed. I tapped my iPad. The calendar told me that I was scheduled for Basic Elements in the morning, then a break for lunch, and then Physical Training in the afternoon.


Learn More at: http://www.apple.com/education/#video-textbooks